Building New India: LIC paid 5% profit to Government of India

Life Insurance Corporation of India has been a constant shareholder of Government of India when it comes to development. LIC has been consistent with its promises being served rightly. Millions of people from across India have benefited from this institution both directly and indirectly. Today is just another day for LIC but a big boost for Government of India.

On 29th September, Life Insurance Corporation of India paid a whopping sum of 2206.70 INR Crores to Government of India. The sum is said to be the 5% of the profit LIC generates in a year the rest 95% is shared among the policyholders in form of bonus. Life Insurance Corporation has been paying its duty towards the country and people of the country without fail.

The promise of providing a happy and secure future is bound to be achieved, LIC is continuously putting efforts to ensure that the person and public life of people are kept secure at all times.


With the new moves, LIC has yet again established itself as the brand ambassador of New India in making.

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