Is Your Health Insurance Cover Adequate To Fight Severe Ailment

Nowadays, with the increasing risk of lifestyle illness, critical disease, and several health problems, getting the best health insurance policy will shield your life against specific life-threatening diseases.

Treating such severe diseases may want many visits to the hospital over a long period. It increases the hospitalization cost as well as other costs like doctor fees, and other medical expenses. A good health insurance plan will help you to pay a large amount that can be used to shield these crucial expenses. Some critical diseases like heart attack, kidney failure, brain tumor, etc, In most cases, beat suddenly, resulting in unexpected financial trouble for the family. In such circumstances, the family is not only concerned about facing the expense of treatment but also fights with the loss of money. They go through due to you being sick. These are big problems that happen at the time of a medical emergency.

Thus, Health insurance has become the main concern, and we must plan our finances taking into account the health insurance policy in which we spend. Health insurance is a very important component of financial planning. A financial advisor in bilaspur will recommend that given the upsurge of critical illnesses and the high cost of its medical treatment even after a diagnosis of a severe ailment, people require to opt for standalone critical illness policy beyond the health insurance they have.

Many people think they’re fully shielded with a standard health insurance policy, but the extreme expenses of treating life-threatening diseases are usually higher than any plan will treat.

There are some important points about critical illness insurance which is essential to you and our family:

  • Critical illness insurance gives extra coverage for emergency medical conditions like heart attack, stroke, brain tumor, kidney disorder, paralysis, or cancer.
  • The emergencies or diseases often acquire higher than average medical expenses, these plans payout bills to assist cover those overruns where common health insurance may fall short.
  • These plans come at a comparatively low expense. However, the situations that they will cover are usually defined to a few diseases or emergencies situation.

Treating severe disease takes a lot of time and money. If you are an earning member and are diagnosed with a major ailment, it is quite likely that you will have to skip work to get medication for it. This drives to a big obstacle:

  • It would impact on losing your monthly pay.
  • It would also rise in costs due to many visits to the hospital, the high expense of medical inspections, and medicines that will be needed for a complete cure.
  • In this situation, a medical plan will only help you to pay your hospitalization costs. A severe disease cover goes beyond just hospitalization costs and helps you cover other expenses like doctor consultation fees, price of medicines, etc. In other cases, if you have any excellent loan like a mortgage loan or a car loan, the critical illness pay-out can assist with dealing with the outstanding EMIs.

If you do not have a critical illness cover, you may have to plunge into all the hard-earned money that you have saved. The big expense of treatment can abrade years of savings in just a few months.

Here are several important points which correlated with critical illness health insurance plan which keeps in mind

  • A three-month waiting period from the start of the policy is compulsory before you can take avail of any advantages.
  • A critical illness will only be covered if it occurs for the first time in life.
  • A pre-existing ailment or illness should not cause a critical disease
  • A serious illness diagnosed in the first 90 days is usually not covered.
  • A severe medical ailment diagnosed in the first 90 days is usually not covered.
  • Death within 30 days after diagnosis of a serious problem is invalid
  • The plan does not cover issues related to alcohol, tobacco, and drug consumption
  • Pregnancy or childbirth critical condition excluded
  • HIV/AIDS not covered
  • Congenital illnesses and injuries sustained while adventure sports or military operations are other exceptions.

As already said that “Health is Wealth” it indicates that good health is the actual treasure.

healthy life allows one to live positive and handle all life challenges. Good health works on mental, emotional, social, and physical well-being.

So protect yourself and your family go-ahead and choose the best health insurance policy with the guidance of financial advisor in bilaspur. For more information, please visit our website :

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