Evaluation Of Current Financial Portfolio

The Next Step it’s important because the data client has given should know about their current position of financials.

Why it’s important to do this?

It’s Very Much important because if you don’t know where you are then how we can effectively go for the future. Also, many of our client where so busy in their business or services they actually don’t know what kind of funds they have what kind of policies they are having. Let us take an example to understand it well:-

X client is having some policy and funds already before meeting any financial planning consultancy if we don’t analyze or told them their current positions then what can happen is they have invested a portion of money for their child education already before meeting us and if we don’t see their current portfolio then we can have wanted the money on the same portion that has already been taken care of.

So, that why this step is equally very important for us to know our current positions whether you have an insurance policy, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, post office fixed-deposit or recurring deposits. you should know where you are now.




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