Data Collection And Fact Finding

Data Collection and Fact-finding is the most important step for any client to begin his/her financial planning. It’s so much important because if you don’t know where are you now and where you want to go then only we can help you with how effectively achieve your financial goal and live dreams.

Data Collecting And Fact-Finding Includes

  • Collecting All Your Family Member Names And Date Of Birth.
  • Collection Of all your previous investment and insurance policy details. Its because we can brief you about where you are and what kind of returns you will be getting in the future with your investments already done by you. So that you can know what are the financial goals that are going to be achieved by your previous investments so that we will not waste money on it further in our planning.
  • Now fact-finding comes after the data collection, which includes questionaries that result in a finding of you and your family dreams and financial goals.


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