Why life insurance should be part of your wealth creation?

Creation of wealth indirectly refers to the desire of having it more and more and keeping it safe for future generation. The best insurance consultant in Bilaspur can provide a good way to maximise the wealth after all the expenses and pass on to heirs.

This life insurance consultant  in Bilaspur are keep on paying death benefits to their policy holders and beneficiaries on the day to day basis. Life insurance also provides leverage i.e. insurer only need to invest a little amount of money and in return the beneficiary get a high payout on death. The money insurer need to pay is known as premium.

Anyone can find thousands of life insurance plans to opt upon after being adviced by the best insurance consultant in Bilaspur. All of them might be either:

  • Term insurance: It provides the benefit for fixed time period. For example 5 years, 10 years etc. This is the efficient one.
  • Permanent insurance: Whereas permanent insurance is for the whole life. This can be expensive.

The key features of a life insurance:

  • It can be an essential financial tool for business owners.
  • It is authentic to have numerous life insurance policies.
  • These are not counted as part of an estate and are not taxed by

centralized government.

  • It can be sold for its cash value.

Lets have a look why and how a life insurance helps:

Death benefit:

It is very essential to get the surety that your family will maintain the same standard even after your death. But how is it possible? The answer is that, with the best life insurance consultant in Bilaspur, the beneficiary will get the death benefits after policy holder’s death. The death benefits are paid in return of the life cover policy. Your today’s investment can be helpful for the future of your spouse, children or even parents.

Tax benefits:

The premiums that are payable under life insurance are tax deductible, according to section 80c of the Income Tax Act of 1961. By investing smartly on tax saving life insurance, you can save up to one and a half lakhs from your income tax.


Riders refers to the particular covers that can be add up to your normal insurance policy. Some examples of the riders are:

  • Critical illness cover
  • Total disability cover
  • Partial disability cover
  • Accidental death cover

It makes a little impact on the premiums, but proves to be very helpful in times of crisis. We know that life is unpredictable! What if the next moment you get diagnosed with cancer? The critical illness add-on to life insurance will take care of your cost of treatment in such emergencies. There are also additional tax benefits of having this add-on.


ROI refers to Returns on Investment. LIC provides much enhance ROI then any other investment options available.

Whatever is the condition with which you are dealing, getting advice from the best life insurance consultant from Bilaspur will provide you mental peace as well a financial benefits. 

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