Child Plans


Child Life Insurance is a form of permanent life insurance that insures the life of a minor. It is usually purchased to protect a family against this sudden and unexpected costs of a child’s funeral or burial and to secure inexpensive and guaranteed insurance of the lifetime of the child.

Here Comes The Best Children’s Plan :

1.New Children’s Money Back:

Plan Features:

  • Children’s are the best gift god to us and LIC’s Plan is best gift to the child.
  • A plan to protect financial future of child along with risk cover on the life of the child.
  • Money back at child’s 18,20 & 22 years with an option to defer for later
  • Maturity will paid at child’s Age of 25 years.
  • Regular Premium Payment plans
  • Premium waver Benefit available.
  • With profit plan
  • Tax free maturity
  • Tax savings on premium paid u/s 80C
  • Liquidity in term of loan after 3 Full year Premium payment.

Suitable to : wide range of age ( 0 to 12 years ) can be covered under this plan.


Survival : 20% of sum assured will be paid on each policy anniversary after completion of 18,20 &22 years of child’s age.

On Maturity: A sum of balance 40% of sum assured, vested bonus and final additional bonus ( if any) will be paid as final maturity.

On Death:  (A) Before Risk commencement:  Sum of total premiums paid will be Refunded after deduction of taxes, rider and extra premium ( if any).

(B) After Risk commencement:  Death Sum Assured along with vested Simple bonuses and final additional bonus ( if any)  will be payable. (where Death Sum assured) Death benefit should be less than the 105% of total premium paid as on death.

Sum Assured: Minimum – Rs 1,00,000 in multiple of 10,000  and  Maximum- No Limit

Surrender: Allowed any time after 3 full year premium payments.

Loan : Allowed After 3  full year premium payments.





  • Best gift to the child from parents.
  • Protect financial need for  future.
  • Recommended for the parents having child in-between 90 days to 12 years. Risk cover to child.
  • 5 installments of Money back will be paid in-between 20 to 24 years of the age of child.
  • An option to choose Money-back amount out of given option.
  • Regular Premium Payment plan.
  • Premium waver benefit available.
  • Income tax savings on PAID PREMIUMS.
  • With profit plan with Reversionary Bonus and FAB.
  • Customize Tax Free maturity.
  • Liquidity is available after 3 full years premium payment.



An amount as survival benefit will be paid in each policy anniversary in between 20-24 years of the age of the child as per the S.B. option opted.

OPTION 1 – NIL      OPTION 2 – 5%    OPTION 3- 10%    OPTION 4- 15%


Balance Sum Assured ( As per the option selected for SB) plus Vested bonus and F.A.B. (if any)

OPTION 1 – 100%   OPTION 3 – 75%  OPTION 4 – 50%  OPTION 4- 25%


OF PROPOSER: IF PWB Rider is opted: All premiums which fall due in future after the date of death will be saved be waived off.


  • Before commencement of Risk : Sum of total basic premium paid will be paid back. (Total premium paid- Rider, extra premium & taxes.)
  • After commencement of Risk: Death Sum Assured with Vested Bonus & Final Addition Bonus ( As Applicable)

( Sum assured on death will be higher of 125% Basic Sum assured, 10 of Annualized Premium and 105% of Total premium paid as on death.)

Risk will commence at age of 8 years or 2 years from the commencement of policy which is earlier.

Eligibility Conditions:

Suitable to: Wide range of ages from 90 days completed to 12 years at last birthday.

PWB Rider : Proposer’s age should be between 18 years ( completed) to 55 years ( Nearer Birthday).