Financial education is missing from the standard education system; the lack of this, which certainly is one of the most important attributes of a happy life is no less than disastrous. Only if students were taught about finances from the very beginning, we wouldn’t see a pool of underpaid and overburdened employees.

The world today is moving on credit cards and down payments, a lot of people failed to realize that these are nothing but a way for companies to not let you skip the rat race. We bring to you a list of five personal finance books every beginner should read; these five books will help you understand the difference between asset and liability and also build the requisite base, which will support understanding of Insurance, Mutual Funds, and other important investments.

Pocket Culture: The Craft of Getting Rich: Published by Word Pinnacle in 2017, this is a pocketbook, which touches important aspects of personal finance and turns a nascent adult into an enthusiastic investor. The book is available on Amazon for a very cheap price and has some reviews that will help you decide why to go ahead with this book.  The authors of this book have done a great job in keeping the book concise but effective. The book touches on important options like Insurance, Mutual Funds, Assets, Liability, and PPF in just 50 pages. The book is a pocketbook because it literally can be carried in the pocket.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki: Certainly the best book ever written on personal finance management, this book has everything you need to know about personal finance and entrepreneurial mindset. One book can single-handedly destroy all the doubts you have about living your dream life. Robert Kiyosaki is considered to be a magician when it comes to writing books on personal finance management and entrepreneurial mindset.

Your Money or Your Life: A very popular by Vicki Robin, this book not only sold a million copies but helped people pursue their dreams by working out their personal finance. The way this book teaches the importance of financial management is extremely beautiful and needed for the contemporary generation. This book can single-handedly educated a financially illiterate person. Amazon often offers a huge discount on this book and ships it globally.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street: The author of this book, Burton G, casually presents a scenario that walks the reader through the varied nuances of wall street and the world of investing. The book is designed to cater audience with relevant and important information about Investment and the way Wall Street Functions. A Random Walk Down Wall Street has sold more than a million copies and continues to be one of the best books on personal finance for beginners.

The Four Pillars of Investment: Author William J. has smartly described the most important aspects of investing as pillars of investing. Understanding compound interest, principal amount and general interest calculations can change the way one invests in the market. The Four Pillars of Investment will surely work in your favor as a pillar of success and help you make a lot of money. Read this book today and you will be on your way of becoming a millionaire by investing.

These five books have collectively been read by more than a billion readers; their impact and outreach has made the world a better place to live. With more and more people moving towards investing world for garnering benefits, the economy is bound to grow and become stronger day by day.