Our book Pocket Culture: The Craft of Getting Rich was officially launched on 6th May 2017, by Education Secretary of Bihar. The launch event was graced by the presence of District Magistrate of Vaishali and friends from Electronic Media and Press. Education Secretary was quite impressed with the effort we have put in the book.

It’s been a month since the book was officially released and over the time, it has received some impressive and inspiring reviews. People have been buying the book from Amazon. The reviews pouring on Amazon, proves the book to be of a good use. One can easily traverse through the reviews and understand, how it is going to help them.

About the Book: Pocket Culture: The Craft of Getting Rich, in today’s fast-forward world, unveils a neo-culture for the management of your pocket and wallets. The book comprises of some strategic and effective rituals for money management. Rich people don’t just hoard money; they manage (save and invest) it wisely. And who said you can’t be rich, just follow the pocket culture.

About the Author (Pranav Shree): Hindustan Times once cited “Pranav” as the youngest blogger from the state; today he manages a network of blogs, which caters to a wider audience. Word Pinnacle and Sure Zindagi have leaped and crossed the genres of Blog and are now service-oriented businesses. Pranav Shree is well equipped with web development, Internet marketing, and freelance writing skills.

(Satmeet Singh): Satmeet Singh is an individual every business needs. His expertise Business Development skills have made it easier for us to come up with ideas that cater to a wider audience. He is someone who cares for the perfect balance of emotion and statistics while making a decision. His expertise and thought process is helping us solve problems one by one. Satmeet Singh is surely someone Word Pinnacle treasures and will continue to depend upon.

Before we go ahead and discuss, whether the book is worthy or not, let’s watch a video, that talks about the varied nuances of the book. Manpreet Kaur, from Finix Post, made it video. Manpreet Kaur is a YouTuber, an avid reader, and a popular blogger.

Now that you know, what the book Pocket Culture is all about, let’s find out, what varied readers have said about this book:

  1. Into the nitty-gritty details because in investment penny stock matters!
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  2. Starting with investment regime? This is one guide, you will cherish by your side!
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  3. All you readers between 18-55, this book is going to make your finance better.pocket culture review
  4. Details! Because it is where the fun lies. 🙂pocket culture review
  5. First of its kind because first pocket book on Personal Finance.pocket culture review
  6. Youngsters are loving it too because it is possible to spend less and live better.pocket culture review
  7. Repeating it again! Mutual Funds Sahi Hai!pocket culture review
  8. Want to be a millionaire? Start with spending 99INR on this book. pocket culture review
  9. We are also the publisher of this book hence every review matters.pocket culture review
  10. Today a follower, tomorrow a leader.pocket culture review
  11. Good Enough to fit in your Pocket. 🙂pocket culture review
  12. Retirement Planning should always be on your card, no matter what!pocket culture review
  13. Equilibrium between earning and expenditure is where happy financial life lies.pocket culture review
  14. Investment Bankers are depending upon it, what more you need?pocket culture review
  15. Ne0-culture is going to change the future of your Family.pocket culture review
  16. Written by a popular blogger, this book was bound to have a language that impresses everyone.pocket culture review