Robert T. Kiyosaki is one of the most renowned authors, his first book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, continues to be an International Bestseller. Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a self-help book on personal finance, it helps people distinguish thoughts among categories like Rich and Poor.  You must have rich thoughts or think like Rich Dad to be Financially successful in life. 

Robert Kiyosaki continues to be Thought Leader in the field of Personal Finance and Investment Business. Here’s a set of quotes from Robert Kiyosaki that will put investment, success and money management into perspective for you. 

  1. Robert Kiyosaki Quote on the spirit of Entrepreneurship: 

Robert Kiyosaki Quotes2. Robert Kiyosaki Quote on maintaining a balance of emotion and data-driven decisions:

3. Robert Kiyosaki’s word of wisdom on Thinking and Trying new things: 

4. Schools were designed to make us employees and not employers:

5. Rich acquires asset while poor acquires liabilities:

6. How trying new things and failing at them can make us successful:

7. How will you train your employees to pick up the phone and make sales happen, How?

8. Opportunity!

9. Efforts!

10. Personal Debts are a strict No!

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