Who are we?

 We at Sure Zindagi are the torchbearers and we are here to take the Millennial into a world where Money is not just earned and spent but is understood. We at Sure Zindagi are a team of motivated people, who have made hoards of money, spent them only to understand, how important it is to preserve it, invest it and see it grow.

What we Do?

We help people manage their money, we help people achieve their long term and short-term goals and we also help people transform their dreams into reality. We bring to the contemporary generation, services that they do not seek but definitely need. We are here to every Urban Poor to Think and Grow Rich. We are going to change the way Millennial looks at money and spends it.

How are we going to do, what we intend to?

 Growing Rich is not spontaneous; it is a very meticulously designed plan that takes some good habits, small sacrifices and some huge determination. Growing Rich can be mistaken by making a lot of money while it is more about preserving a lot of money. You can never earn enough to be rich; you will have to make money work for you in order to be rich.

Here’s how we are going to help you grow rich:

  • Personal Finance Services:Now that you have worked hard and earned enough, it is time for you to allow us to help you manage your money. We are not going to touch your money but we are going to tell you how to achieve your long term and short-term goal using that money. With us you can learn, grow and argue as well.
  • Life Insurances: The first step towards growing rich is about securing your life than start taking risk. Life Insurance is surely no investment but it serves you with the peace of mind and leverages you with the requisite courage to go ahead and make a dent in the world.
  • Everything else related to money: Whether you want to save it for your children’s education, marriage or treatment or you are just looking forward to build wealth. We are here to show you the direction.